Head & Neck Reconstruction 3.0 hands on

Reconstructive planning in the head & neck area has evolved from basic anatomical reconstruction of a defect towards obtaining an optimal functional reconstruction. Now is an exciting era of new possibilities for optimizing outcome of reconstructive surgery.  This two day workshop will focus on new techniques that aim for maximizing functional reconstruction of the jaws, including 3D virtual planning. Participants will learn how to plan and treat patients using the prefabricated fibula flap. This reconstruction technique introduced by Dr. Dennis Rohner makes it possible to reconstruct a cranio-maxillofacial defect with immediate loading of  dental implant supported prosthesis. The instructional course/workshop will start with analogue planning which is essential for learning the basic concepts of prefabrication. After this, 3D virtual planning of prefabrication will be demonstrated and practiced on rapid prototype models. We encourage participants to come in a team of a prosthodontist, surgeon and dental technician since this type of reconstruction requires teamwork.

head and neck reconstruction 3 0 flyer

Directly after the preconference the ISMR Congress “Supportive care in head and neck rehabilitation” will be held in Groningen. For registration and information please visit the page ‘conference’ on the website: www.ismr-org.com